Summers in Breaux Bridge are often hot and wet, but there are many activities residents and visitors can enjoy that involve the outdoors.  Breaux

It is well documented that Louisiana has an obsession with festivals. There are more festivals in the state than there are days

The Bridge Fellowship Church Community

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Cajun country is steeped in tradition, with its former isolation accounting for its slow assimilation into greater American culture. As the decades


Join SMCOA in the Parc Hardy on Saturday, March 18, 2023 for 5K Run and Blood Drive. Musical Entertainment and children’s activities

Join us on Saturday, February 4th from 9am-12pm- Mask Making Camp for ages 5-12. Limited space. Material & snacks are provided. Cost

Lundi Gras! Monday, February 20, 2023 from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Meet and check in at 9:30 in front of St. Bernard Catholic

Registration will be held at Parc Hardy Office on February 4, 2023 from 10 am to 1 pm in Parc Hardy. $50

Six months ago, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana was named one of the 15 most charming southern small towns in the United States by

City of Breaux BridgeTourism Department invites you to join us! Christmas ParadeSunday, November 27, 2022@2:00pm  For application or informationmt*********@br************.net337-332-8500

Typically, when fall begins in Breaux Bridge, LA, residents get small snippets of crisp, cool air that quickly succumb to suffocating heat

Typically, when fall begins in Breaux Bridge, LA, residents get small snippets of crisp, cool air that quickly succumb to suffocating heat

It’s that time of year again. Where the temperature cools off, the humidity drops, and people can spend time outside without becoming

The history of Cajun music is a long, winding, and emotional one—from the good times to the bad times, Cajun music has

It is difficult to look around the town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and not see a crawfish. They are painted on bridges,

Cajun dancing has been a staple of South Louisiana culture since the first days when French settlers arrived in the area. Along

Of all the things that Louisiana is known for, food might top the list. Of course, there is a rich history of

In Breaux Bridge, residents put crawfish in or on almost everything.  If they can top it or stuff it with crawfish, they

Every year in May in Breaux Bridge, tens of thousands of people flock to this small southern Louisiana town for one thing:

Food is king when it comes to the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival.  The main attraction is the boiled crawfish, and the festival

In Breaux Bridge, modern day Cajun jam sessions can be found around town throughout the week and weekend.  Some performances are formal

Louisiana is a unique state.  The state itself is shaped like a boot, it is the only state in the country to

Aside from the culture and food, one of the biggest draws to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana are the alligators.  Lake Martin and the

The bridge that frames the entrance to downtown Breaux Bridge is beloved by the town.  The incarnation of the bridge we know

We may not be able to dance together, eat together, or celebrate together right now, but that doesn’t mean Breaux Bridge, LA

It can be said about small towns that the pros of living in them can also be cons, it just depends on

Bon Temps et Bon Amis, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana is the place to be.  For toe-tappin’, lip smackin’, ol’ fashioned fun, our little

With social distancing guidelines in place, it’s hard to come up with new and exciting things to do to keep your mind

The bridge that started it all is getting a makeover in downtown Breaux Bridge, LA.  This is not the first revamp of

2020 will not be a tough act to follow, and many people eagerly await the ringing of the New Year in Breaux

April showers bring May flowers, that has always been the phrase.  But one thing showers also bring is the resurrection ferns back

For the past year and some months, things have been grey.  Lackluster.  Monotonous.  As color returns to our lives in the way

When you drive the country roads of Breaux Bridge, LA, and its surrounding areas, crawfish ponds are a dime a dozen.  However,

Over the past year and a half, beloved small towns across the country have become ghost towns.  Empty of idle chatter between

In 1996 funds were raised to build the life-size bronze sculpture in memory of Scholastique Picou Breaux, who founded Breaux Bridge on

Peak crawfish season in Breaux Bridge, LA is between the months of March and April.  However, because crawfish are so dependent on

The world-famous Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival will take place on May 6,7, and 8th at Parc Hardy in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. The

2020 broke our hearts in more ways than one.  Schools closed, festivals canceled, holidays put on hold, and a robust hurricane season:

When you hear Zydeco music for the first time, it’s immediately apparent that this is something different. Nothing more accurately captures the

In the summer, things tend to slow down.  The heat drives people indoors, school is out, and most families are finding ways to occupy their kids’ time so they don’t get too bored and out of control. Summer vacation usually only takes up one week, but what to do about the other 8 or 9 weeks?  There are many things in Breaux Bridge that residents and tourists can take advantage of.

Breaux Bridge, LA is considered the Crawfish Capital of the World and was recognized by the Louisiana Legislature in 1959 for its contribution to the crawfish farming industry.