Music and Dancing

Cajun and Zydeco are the two most popular musical genres with visitors. Both have deep roots in our culture’s past. And both have the power to get you off of your seat and onto the dance floor. At any given time, you can witness the passing of this rich musical tradition from one generation to the next as you see performers and dancers ranging in age from five to 85. The preservation of our unique musical heritage is something very important to us. Click here for a look at our List of Annual/Ongoing Events and Activities.

Cajun music dates back to the French Acadian settlers from Nova Scotia who were exiled in the mid 18th century. Other settlers from other cultures in early Louisiana helped to influence the music. Songs are usually sung in French and usually talk about life here in the bayou country.

Zydeco is like a mixture of Cajun, the blues, and Tabasco. It has energy that would wear out most triathletes. Zydeco traces its beginnings back to the Creoles of African descent, who would get together at house parties to jam with homemade instruments. Zydeco musicians are credited with making use of the accordion, which was introduced by early German descendants who were passing through.