Reopening Downtown Breaux Bridge

It can be said about small towns that the pros of living in them can also be cons, it just depends on who and when or where you are.  Everybody knows everybody.  A pro and a con.  Lack of privacy is an issue at times, but when it matters you are never alone.  When it matters, a community can come together in ways that are meaningful.  Downtown Breaux Bridge, LA has been strangely empty during the past few months.  We missed our beloved Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival.  Many of us have avoided holiday and birthday gatherings, and communal eating events like crawfish and crab boils have been nearly nonexistent.

However, as things have started to open up wonderful things are happening.  Driving through downtown Breaux Bridge, LA the other night you could see a restaurant using not just the sidewalk in front of their own doors to seat people, but also across the street and in front of the dress shop next door.  Servers went across the street to take orders so that patrons were safely seated distant from each other.  The restaurant was booming, and people were laughing and enjoying the evening dining al fresco.  One thing Cajuns are known for is when there is good food we will gather.  These past few months have been nothing short of strangely reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.  Local businesses are coming together to support each other.  And for that reason, the pros will always outshine any cons of living in a small town, and Breaux Bridge, LA is a shining gem among other small towns