Supporting Breaux Bridge: Shopping Locally for the Holidays

Over the past year and a half, beloved small towns across the country have become ghost towns.  Empty of idle chatter between family and friends, the clang of cash register drawers, and the crinkle of a full shopping bag from your favorite local trinket shop.  With the upcoming holidays, a brighter future awaits and that can start with shopping locally for your holiday goods.  Historic downtown Breaux Bridge is chock full of shops, locally-owned eateries, cafés, and more.  Antique markets and flea markets abound for the friend or family member who adores unique finds with a backstory.  Art galleries offer one-of-a-kind masterpieces for creative-minded folks.  There is no need to leave the historic downtown Breaux Bridge.   You can park and walk wherever you need, from shop to shop, to a café or restaurant for lunch or dinner, and get a snack from a café or ice cream shop. 

Venturing out of downtown Breaux Bridge will offer some great finds and eats for those looking for something off the beaten path.  Flea markets down Berard Street and locally-owned shops down the Rees Street corridor, as well as hidden goods in shops down more rural lanes, provide great options for gifts and entertainment.  Shopping locally is a proven way to boost the local economy.  The money you spend in the shops and cafés while shopping in Breaux Bridge, LA will go directly to the families who own them.  Not only that, by shopping locally you build relationships with the people around you, and in small towns where everybody knows everyone, what could be better than that?

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