The Bridge is Getting a Makeover: Breaux Bridge, LA

The bridge that started it all is getting a makeover in downtown Breaux Bridge, LA.  This is not the first revamp of the bridge since it was built in 1799; after all, the original purpose of the bridge was not to support several multi-ton vehicles at any given time.  For most residents of Breaux Bridge, however, the bridge that currently stands is the bridge that forms the gateway to downtown.  It is the bridge they remember fondly decorated at Christmas, with the huge painting of the crawfish at the top.  It’s a beautiful, historic bridge that you do not see all the time anymore and diligent residents of the town worked hard to save the bridge and give it the makeover it needs while still keeping the history alive.  

The old paint first needs to be removed so the structure can be repainted.  The old paint is lead, as is the case with many historic paint jobs, so the removal is going to be tricky so as not to contaminate the Bayou Teche.  After that, the bridge will be recoated, repaired, and lightbulbs replaced so that it lights up like it used to.  The bridge will be closed for nearly a year, but after all is said and done it will have been well worth it.