Boiled Crawfish: An Unlikely Delicacy

In Breaux Bridge, residents put crawfish in or on almost everything.  If they can top it or stuff it with crawfish, they will.  Eggs are topped with crawfish etouffee or au gratin, chickens are stuffed with crawfish dressing, and crawfish are added to a creamy soup called crawfish bisque.  However, it is perhaps the simplest preparation that people look forward to the most: the boiled crawfish. 

As soon as the weather gets mild after a brief Louisiana winter, crawfish season begins.  Every family has their own method for boiling and eating Louisiana’s official crustacean.  There are many seasonings people can choose from to add to the boiling pot, as well as many add-ins such as smoked sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, or corn.  Do you dip?  If you see mayonnaise and ketchup out, odds are someone around does.  You can make a dip to your liking and add boiling seasoning, mustard, or anything else you wish.  Perhaps the most contentious part of eating boiled crawfish is to suck or not to suck the heads.  Those who do will say you are missing out on the most flavorful part of eating boiled crawfish, and those who do not are simply too put off by the idea to attempt it.