Typically, when fall begins in Breaux Bridge, LA, residents get small snippets of crisp, cool air that quickly succumb to suffocating heat and humidity by the end of the day or week. This year, however, it seems fall weather is here to stay, at least for a few more weeks. What does this mean for residents and visitors to Breaux Bridge, LA? Gumbo!

Gumbo is the perfect dish for cooler weather because it is cooked on the stovetop for hours. Cooking anything on a hot stove for several hours can heat up a household, so gumbo days are reserved for days where windows can be thrown wide open to let in the cool air, with a general consensus being that gumbo weather officially starts at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Eating gumbo also seems to warm you from the inside out and enjoying it all cozied up on a cool day is nostalgic for many in Acadiana, reminding them of the start of the holidays, football season, and family gatherings.

While many in Breaux Bridge, LA may agree that gumbo season starts with the first cold snap of the fall, there are several aspects of cooking gumbo that can start many debates over the family Magnalite pot. The use of gumbo file, store-bought or homemade roux (plus the darkness of said roux), how long you cook the gumbo, and whether or not okra is a necessary addition are all up for debate. One thing many Cajun cooks can agree with, however, is that gumbo does not have tomatoes. Don’t mention them, don’t ask for them, or you will be kicked out of their outdoor kitchen tout suite!