Summer in the South: A Breaux Bridge Experience

In the summer, things tend to slow down.  The heat drives people indoors, school is out, and most families are finding ways to occupy their kids’ time so they don’t get too bored and out of control. Summer vacation usually only takes up one week, but what to do about the other 8 or 9 weeks?  There are many things in Breaux Bridge that residents and tourists can take advantage of.  First on the list are the numerous summer camps various organizations put on during the summer for kids of all ages with many interests.  Some last a few days, some last a full week, with most lasting all day and a few lasting half a day. 

Other activities in Breaux Bridge, LA in the summer involve taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor world south Louisiana has to offer.  Swamp tours are always a fun adventure, but it’s easy and fun to pack an ice chest, grab binoculars, and go alligator-watching at Lake Martin. Kayaking down the Bayou Teche is a fun activity for adults and older kids who can keep up. 

Cajun music in Breaux Bridge, LA is a huge deal as well, and during the summer the live music doesn’t stop. Whether it is at a Saturday morning jam session or a weekend live music and dance night at various venues and restaurants around town.